immune system

Immunocompromised people must be a priority in the COVID-19 vaccination effort

Vaccinating immunocompromised people will both protect their health and slow viral evolution

Some people's immune systems control HIV infections without drugs

"Elite controllers" keep the deadly virus in check, and hide its DNA in a quiet section of the genome.

What is the COVID-19 polyclonal antibody treatment that President Trump took?

It's a mix of different antibodies that target the virus slightly differently for a combined effect

The immune systems of males and females respond to COVID-19 differently

Male patients had lower T cell responses, whereas female patients showed higher cytokines

The sugar in semen makes HIV drugs less effective

High levels of the sugar can obstruct antivirals from linking with viruses

Widespread PFAS chemical pollution will likely make COVID-19 worse

These common household and industrial chemicals impair immune system function

What are the advantages of an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19?

They're easier to manufacture than traditional vaccines, but scientifically their history is checkered

T cells could be the key in developing an effective COVID-19 vaccine

Our bodies have two main types of T cells. Together they can help us fend off this virus

Some honeybees entering and exiting a commercial bee colony

Damien Tupinier on UnSplash

Sick bees social distance, but only within their own colony

Bees from other colonies accepted infected bees with open arms where they usually would be rejected.

Immune cells like to double up for stronger infection fighting power

Once thought to be experimental artifacts, these cell pairs could provide important insights into the immune system

This year the flu came in two waves – here’s why

Two different strains of flu tag-team our immune system