Infants are being exposed to PFAS chemicals in breast milk

A new study finds that currently used PFAS — thought to be less dangerous than "legacy" versions — are becoming increasingly common in our bodies

PFAS chemicals reach remote oceans and accumulate in whales, dolphins, and other ocean life

Scientists studying the 'forever chemicals' say this trend is concerning

Widespread PFAS chemical pollution will likely make COVID-19 worse

These common household and industrial chemicals impair immune system function

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Industrial chemical polluters are almost unregulated in the US. We can do more

The existing regulatory framework puts too much burden on the Environmental Protection Agency — and too little on manufacturers

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What "Dark Waters" gets right about the DuPont/PFAS water pollution case

The movie underscores the dangers of polyfluoroalyl substances in the environment and the corporate malfeasance that led to it

Scientists just cut the tolerable intake of PFAs by 99.9%

PFAs are everywhere. In cosmetics, wrapping your greasy take-out burgers, and eventually, 98% of humans' bloodstreams. The recommended tolerable intake for PFAs was just cut by 99.9%.

colorful liquid with bubbles of chemicals

These unregulated, potentially dangerous chemicals are probably already in your bloodstream

Researchers have known that there are unsafe compounds in our water for decades, but the government is just starting to catch up

mouse mammary tissue

An unexplained result shows why studying the effects of chemicals is so tricky

Even in the lab, it's not easy to control every part of the process