Storytelling is the antidote to Americans' mistrust of science

Beyond just making us feel good and entertained, storytelling can effect change

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Climate change is a cultural issue as much as an environmental one

An interview with "Synthetic Messengers" creators Tega Brain, Simon David Hirsbrunner, and Sam Lavigne

What is the COVID-19 polyclonal antibody treatment that President Trump took?

It's a mix of different antibodies that target the virus slightly differently for a combined effect

The US is deporting scientists. I’m one of them

ICE is using COVID-19 confusion as cover to force immigrant scientists out

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How much does genetics affect political beliefs? Does it even matter?

Twin studies, the bedrock of genetic studies of political attitudes, may not be as solid as once thought

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Graduate student working conditions are worsening. To fight back, they're unionizing

Conditions like withheld pay and discriminatory behavior are damaging lives

Scientists have shown the perfect way to make pancakes, and that has huge implications

Some science is labeled "silly" by the media and politicians, but don't be fooled — simple research is extremely important

Climate strikers send a message: "Put your planet and its people over profit"

"We are supposed to be the 'leaders of tomorrow', but are being forced to become the leaders of today because our current leaders refuse to hear our cries"

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Inside the political deadlock of establishing Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean

Politics and culture collide as signatories argue over preserving fisheries and meeting conservation objectives

We need genetic engineering to stave off climate change-induced global hunger

Despite what many say, organic farming will not save us from the worst impacts of climate change

Teenage activists are leading the fight against climate change

Baby boomers are downplaying climate change's risks, so a new generation raises their voice

The unknowns of US immigration policy are increasing anxiety among first-generation Latinx teens

More studies on the long-term health consequences of these policies on immigrant families are urgently needed