I am a PhD candidate in chemistry at the University of Saskatchewan. I am particularly interested in biological systems and am currently studying the function of enzymes through chemistry.

How scientists developed the most popular anesthetic used today, without totally knowing how it works

The "milk of amnesia" is relatively new, and is predated by centuries of weak attempts at pain relief

a bright yellow slime mold surrounded by leaves

Bernard Spragg on Flickr (public domain)

Two bacteria team up to poison their slime mold predator

Alone, these two bacteria are easy meals for the slime mold. Together, they turn the tables on it

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Pouring a chilled beer into a tilted glass produces about 1.5 million bubbles

Meet Kathleen Lonsdale, the physicist and prison reformer who cracked benzene's code

Lonsdale assembled her own X-ray crystallography laboratory from scratch to solve a century-old mystery

Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Scientists harness a rare true blue color from nature — in red cabbage

Chemists gave this natural pigment an extra blue boost with aluminum ions

Decades-old theory on how ears work is wrong

After 30 years, scientists still don't know how the ear tells the brain what it is hearing

Scientists look to mussels' feet to build a better adhesive

Water is a big problem for manmade adhesives, but nature has already figured out a solution

Chewing pasta too much makes it less healthy

The latest pasta research shows that tiny bits of noodles lead to higher glucose levels