Biology is a spectrum

Life on Earth is complex and irreducible

Fruit flies have more sex when predatory wasps come around

This weird predator-prey interaction appears to be reliant on one gene in particular

El sexo no es binario, y deberíamos dejar de pretender que lo es

Es hora de que la legislación y la educación reflejen el sexo como un espectro con opciones ilimitadas

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The neurons that make fruit flies interested in sex are turned on by song

Fruit flies go so far as to have species specific melodies and chords

Mating plugs and other weird butterfly sex habits

Male butterflies want monogamy. Females, not so much.

Pug-nosed tree frogs have figured out how to stay safe while attracting mates

Male frogs "sing" to attract females, but this also alerts predators to their location

Need to determine the sex of a walrus? Try looking at their jaws

To save time in the field, researchers develop a new method for sorting walruses

A 540 million year-old microscopic protist sex mystery is solved

How tiny, shelled protists reproduce helps explain their strange evolutionary patterns

The immune systems of males and females respond to COVID-19 differently

Male patients had lower T cell responses, whereas female patients showed higher cytokines

Why biological studies on queer people do more harm than good

When studying vulnerable groups, scientists should always be aware of the context their studies take place in

The sugar in semen makes HIV drugs less effective

High levels of the sugar can obstruct antivirals from linking with viruses

Sexual rivalries are how you evolve antlers, pincers, and tusks

Male-male competition makes animals "horny" as well

Can hormone levels signal for autism in girls?

New study moves against the current of gender bias in autism research

Unhatched turtle embryos can shape their own sexual destinies

By moving to cooler areas inside the egg, turtle embryos can influence their own sex, and maybe ward off climate change too

Four times that Margaret Mead challenged societal norms

How the most influential anthropologist in history broadened views on sexuality and cultural influences

Sex isn't binary, and we should stop acting like it is

It's time for legislation and education to reflect sex as a spectrum with unlimited options