Artificial intelligence can help diagnose skin cancer, but only on white skin

A new image-based AI tool can suggest clinical next steps for melanoma, but for darker skinned patients, equal outcomes are lacking

Slime mold and cancer cells "sniff" their way through mazes by breaking down chemical molecules

Research demonstrates that cells are capable of sensing, and creating, chemical gradients to travel long distances

Ocean mammals keep cancer at bay with tumor suppressing genes

Studying how whales and dolphins can evade cancer could help us suppress it in humans

Fruit fly "cancer avatars" recreate mutations in tumors for personalized treatment

Using fruit flies to mirror the tumors of patients can help with difficult to treat cancers

Instead of a colonoscopy, a new screen tests poop for colorectal cancer-related bacteria

Testing for the bacterium Parvimonas micra in stool may present an alternative to a colonoscopy

Skin cells protect their DNA from bumps and bruises with a jello-like response

Cells' responses to microscopic pushes and pulls prevent cancers from forming

Some people's immune systems control HIV infections without drugs

"Elite controllers" keep the deadly virus in check, and hide its DNA in a quiet section of the genome.

The two halves of a new compound team up to fight cancer

When combined, ruthenium and platinum do a better job at killing cancer cells than their individual parts

Methamphetamine can ferry other drugs across the blood-brain barrier

Giving rats small doses of meth along with cancer drugs increased transfer of the cancer-targeting medicine into the brain