The lab-leak hypothesis for COVID-19 is becoming a conspiracy theory

To explain where SARS-CoV-2 came from, look at processes with scientific explanations and precedents

How COVID-19 has worsened the lives of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients

Poor health outcomes and quarantines have accelerated the progress of motor and neurological dysfunction

An anonymous COVID-19 contact tracing app that warns you when your friends are sick

A different kind of contact tracing sounds an alarm when people in your social circle are falling ill

Over-the-counter COVID tests are coming sooner rather than later

Scientists and lawmakers agree that over-the-counter rapid tests could allow desk workers to settle back into their cubicles and make it easier to reopen schools and travel.

The Moderna mRNA vaccine works against newly emerged COVID-19 mutants

Mutants like B.1.1.7 and B.1.351 carrying changes in the virus spike protein appear to help the virus spread, but not to evade currently available vaccines

COVID-19 is setting back the lives and careers of young scientists

How two graduate students are navigating science and graduation through a pandemic

Blue gloved hand holding a glass vial

How the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed determines how the pandemic will end

National health care systems will make things more organized, but the US is still finding its footing

Empathy is key to overcoming COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

COVID-19 vaccines are an enormous feat. Their use will hinge on explaining how it was done

How is the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine delivered to cells?

RNA is fragile, and the bloodstream a hostile place for foreign objects. How does the vaccine actually get where it needs to go?

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How should a COVID-19 vaccine be distributed?

With Pfizer and Moderna vaccines proving effective, how should a population get vaccinated?

Brain banks are key to understanding COVID's mysterious symptoms, but only if people are willing to donate

Some COVID-19 patients experience dizziness, loss of smell and even seizures, but we need brain donations from patients and healthy controls to understand why.

Testing for lesser known antibodies produces a better COVID-19 test

Most antibody tests look for responses to SARS-CoV-2's spike protein, but more accurate results include antibodies against the virus's other proteins

A virus-like COVID-19 vaccine is being grown in tobacco plants

The "virus-like particle" produced by the Canadian company Medicago is the only vaccine in clinical trials made in plants

What is the COVID-19 polyclonal antibody treatment that President Trump took?

It's a mix of different antibodies that target the virus slightly differently for a combined effect

How safe is the DNA in your poop from unwanted snooping?

Sewer systems can signal outbreaks before they start. If you're worried, poop is safe as long as it's in the right hands