There's a connection between fasting, gut microbiota and blood pressure

Fasting reduces high blood pressure in rats by changing the gut microbiota composition. But fasting still shouldn't be a go-to yet

What does a spider eat? Look at the DNA in their guts

DNA sequencing found wandering spiders eat at least 96 types of prey, including snakes and lizards

Buyer, beware — cyanobacteria toxins in supplements are a serious health risk

Dietary supplements made with blue-green algae also contain their toxins

Sugar may trigger inflammatory bowel disease by breaking down gut mucus

Mice fed sugar-heavy diets have worse colitis and more mucous-degrading gut bacteria

Human activity forces predators to compete with each other

Foxes, coyotes, and bobcats can normally coexist. But what happens when their hunting grounds are disrupted by humans?

Eating a high-fat diet could change your brain for the worse

Research in mice shows how fatty foods alter the brain's response to healthy foods

Eating more fiber feeds whipworm parasites in our guts

New research shows that interactions between diet and parasites might make people with whipworm infection sicker

Got a sweet tooth? Your gut bacteria are asking for some sugar

The gut microbiome and the brain communicate on a desire for glucose (in mice)

Unexpected gorilla snacking behaviors make scientists question what we know about early humans

Gorillas' eating habits don't match their tooth specializations, raising questions about determining early human diets from fossil records

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Algae, a low-impact, delicious and sustainable food

Feeding the world’s growing population, without sacrificing flavor

Just Months of American Life Change the Microbiome

Immigrants’ gut bacteria “westernize” soon after they move to the U.S., which might influence obesity in immigrants and Americans alike

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Raising animals for meat creates lots of problems. Lab-grown meat could provide solutions

Cultured meat is the next step in a long history of alternatives to conventional meat

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The world's appetite for meat is growing. How will we satisfy it?

In the near future, "meat" could mean a lot more than it does now

Can nutritious eating improve mental health?

One participant in a study on Mediterranean diet went so far as to say she was 'born again'

Ketogenetic dieting aids look too good to be true because they are

For the love of all that is starchy, there is no shortcut to weight loss