Infants are being exposed to PFAS chemicals in breast milk

A new study finds that currently used PFAS — thought to be less dangerous than "legacy" versions — are becoming increasingly common in our bodies

Tear gas used in 2020 protests wreaked havoc on people's health

The chemical control isn't just a short-term irritant. For many, it caused lasting physical and psychological effects, including menstrual issues

PFAS chemicals reach remote oceans and accumulate in whales, dolphins, and other ocean life

Scientists studying the 'forever chemicals' say this trend is concerning

Widespread PFAS chemical pollution will likely make COVID-19 worse

These common household and industrial chemicals impair immune system function

Bone proteins can help identify how long a body has been submerged in water

This finding will help forensic teams better determine time of death in some cases

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Industrial chemical polluters are almost unregulated in the US. We can do more

The existing regulatory framework puts too much burden on the Environmental Protection Agency — and too little on manufacturers

Chemists are decoding the fruity scent of lemur stink flirting

New study identifies the molecules of a key lemur scent, but experts hesitate to call them pheromones

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What "Dark Waters" gets right about the DuPont/PFAS water pollution case

The movie underscores the dangers of polyfluoroalyl substances in the environment and the corporate malfeasance that led to it

Researchers optimized a reaction involving DEAD to reduce chemical waste

The Mitsunobu reaction is key to using alcohols in organic chemistry, but it also generates considerable chemical waste

The rise of a mysterious lung illness begins to expose the dangers of vaping

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control have reported at least 450 cases in 33 U.S. states, as policy makers call for action

colorful liquid with bubbles of chemicals

These unregulated, potentially dangerous chemicals are probably already in your bloodstream

Researchers have known that there are unsafe compounds in our water for decades, but the government is just starting to catch up

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Why don't Americans care about chemicals?

We need chemicals for daily life, but seem to feel 'apocalypse fatigue' around their dangers

Beetles exploit bacteria labor to grow their exoskeletons

New research has revealed a "symbiotic organ" in weevils, showing how tiny organisms shape larger life

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We've poured thousands of manmade chemicals into the ocean. Now they're mixing in unpredictable ways.

We're just starting to learn about the effects of POP soup and what we can do about it.