food safety

Infants are being exposed to PFAS chemicals in breast milk

A new study finds that currently used PFAS — thought to be less dangerous than "legacy" versions — are becoming increasingly common in our bodies

Misinformation is keeping invasive, destructive lionfish around

New study suggests better scientific dissemination could put lionfish on the menu and protect native habitats

40% of food in America ends up in the trash. Is nanopackaging the answer?

Consumer habits aren't enough to curb the impacts of food waste — packaging companies have the opportunity to make a big difference

Ancient Egyptians were drinking beer that looked just like modern brews

Researchers recently took a physical sample from the vats of Egypt’s oldest brewery establishment and analyzed the chemical components

Pocket-sized DNA sequencers could soon stop food-borne pathogen outbreaks as soon as they start

With new and improving technology, catching the annual romaine lettuce outbreak could get a lot easier

Sometimes they make food ferment, but used in the right way, these bacteria can also be a preservative

Lactic acid bacteria produce antibiotic-like compounds that kill off potentially harmful contaminants

You should wash your rice to reduce heavy metal contamination

Yes, washing rice involves sacrificing some of its nutritional value, but it also reduces the level of heavy metals present

You're eating, drinking, and breathing microplastics. Now what?

What are the health implications of eating 250 pieces of microplastic per day?

Here's why insect protein could be the next whey powder

Changing the way we think about protein may have a big impact on the environment

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Why don't Americans care about chemicals?

We need chemicals for daily life, but seem to feel 'apocalypse fatigue' around their dangers

The next revolution in food is being held up by regulation

The FDA's slow processes are keeping safe, environmentally friendly products off the shelves