It's time to track city sewage for emerging diseases, not just COVID-19

The current pandemic accelerated the wastewater epidemiology techniques, but researchers hope to continue the practice to prevent the next one

Bone proteins can help identify how long a body has been submerged in water

This finding will help forensic teams better determine time of death in some cases

Squid skin is naturally anti-microbial

This new finding makes squid skin a potentially valuable medical product, and could reduce waste from commercial fisheries

Unlike bacteria, diatoms are picky about microplastics

And that could affect how quickly different types of these tiny plastic particles are degraded

Cats communicate with the help of bacteria living in their butts

KittyBiome researchers want to study the cat microbiome to improve health and understand scent-based communication

Meet Maria Sibylla Merian, the naturalist who painted insects in living color

One of the first to recognize insect metamorphosis, she's finally getting her dues after 300 years of obscurity

Start-up releases the world's first GMO probiotic

The company claims the probiotic supplement can cure hangovers, but evidence in humans is lacking

The placental microbiome may not exist, but the scientific method is real

Researchers from Cambridge have found that run-of-the-mill sample contamination likely led to the discovery of a placental microbiome

Bacteria from our guts have the tools to solve blood bank shortages

The discovery of a new enzyme system that can convert type A blood into type O blood could ease strain on universal donors and transform healthcare

Reducing agricultural carbon emissions will be good for the planet and our stomachs

From soil microbes to factory farming, the Green New Deal could radically improve our food system