marine biology

Serendipitous data reveals a previously unknown ecosystem under Arctic ice

Fish gas bladders interfere with sonar, and we can use that interference to study Arctic fish stocks

Artificial light at night is dangerous for coral reef fish

A new study examined the effects of light pollution on juvenile orange-fin anemonefish

Ocean heatwaves like "The Blob" cause lasting damage to marine ecosystems

Recent research details The Blob's effects on the Alaska pollock fishery

The mysterious cause of sea star wasting syndrome is a mystery no more

Sea stars suffer when microorganisms living on them suck up too much oxygen from the water

An acidifying ocean spells disaster for marine and human systems

We can avert this and other effects of climate change by decreasing global carbon dioxide emissions

#BlackInMarineScienceWeek increases the visibility of Black marine scientists

The week will showcase Black scientists from every imaginable marine science niche, with the goal of inspiring younger generations

Whale sharks' huge bodies mean they've never really been cold-blooded

Studying these enormous animals requires close collaboration between scientists and aquariums

Scientists look to mussels' feet to build a better adhesive

Water is a big problem for manmade adhesives, but nature has already figured out a solution

Viruses exploit marine bacteria for energy

These minuscule interactions could have ripple effects on global carbon dioxide levels

Every flood drives destructive Asian carp further into North American waters

Carp can starve out native fish by eating all their food supplies and taking over breeding grounds

Drones are better than tissue samples for measuring humpback whale body conditions

The two metrics perform similarly for much of the year, but aerial images capture changes during the breeding season where tissue samples do not