Serendipitous data reveals a previously unknown ecosystem under Arctic ice

Fish gas bladders interfere with sonar, and we can use that interference to study Arctic fish stocks

To make fishing sustainable, we need to track fish as they move around the world

Wealthier nations have extensive telemetry networks, but the majority of worldwide fish catch goes untracked

Ocean heatwaves like "The Blob" cause lasting damage to marine ecosystems

Recent research details The Blob's effects on the Alaska pollock fishery

Reintroducing sea otters is good for the environment and the economy, and both matter

More sea otters are detrimental to fisheries income, but economic gains in other sectors outweigh these losses

Albatrosses can spy on illegal fishing in international waters

But could satellite-tagging further endanger these seabirds?

Squid skin is naturally anti-microbial

This new finding makes squid skin a potentially valuable medical product, and could reduce waste from commercial fisheries

DNA barcodes help identify fish eggs and inform conservation

Determining where fish spawn could help us protect these crucial habitats and bolster declining fish populations

Lake Victoria, world's largest tropical lake, may be drying up faster than we thought

The shrinking of Lake Victoria could have devastating consequences for the 40 million people in the region

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Inside the political deadlock of establishing Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean

Politics and culture collide as signatories argue over preserving fisheries and meeting conservation objectives