The Biden administration must restore funding to the Cooperative Extension Services

Extension agents play a key role in assisting farmers and, now, bringing COVID-19 vaccines to rural communities

Weeding out non-native strawberry guava keeps a flying fox, and the crops it feeds on, out of harm's way

Fruit bats help the trees by dispersing seeds, and the trees help the bats by feeding them. Why not help the bats by helping the trees?

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The little mountain rivers that create the Amazon might soon be choked off

Life depends on the minerals and sediment rivers carry down from the Andes

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A grape virus causes vineyards to lose $60,000 per hectare, and there's no defense against it

Red blotch disease alters the chemical composition and taste of critical winemaking grapes

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The banana as we know it is going extinct. Could gene editing save it?

How the Cavendish pandemic could pave the way for tastier bananas

A two degree temperature increase nearly triples pathogens that cause plant disease

The fungal pathogens already cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage

One person's techno trash is a scientist's research tool

It's hard to study plant roots, but a plastic CD case makes it easier to observe a plant's underground activities

How coronavirus threatens the seasonal farmworkers at the heart of the American food supply

Migrant workers face barriers to medical care and are susceptible to serious illness

To fight agricultural pests, scientists try spray-on plant vaccines

RNA interference can be used to protect food crops and improve plants' health, no genetic engineering required

40% of food in America ends up in the trash. Is nanopackaging the answer?

Consumer habits aren't enough to curb the impacts of food waste — packaging companies have the opportunity to make a big difference

Lake Victoria, world's largest tropical lake, may be drying up faster than we thought

The shrinking of Lake Victoria could have devastating consequences for the 40 million people in the region

Painting of Spanish conquistadors in Arizona. Painting by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau.

Conquistadors brought disease to the pumpkins and squash of the Americas

Cucumber disease, brought by invaders, jumped to native agriculture

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Algae, a low-impact, delicious and sustainable food

Feeding the world’s growing population, without sacrificing flavor

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The plant-based food that grows where no other crop can survive

How algae can help us increase the output and coverage of our productive land

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How algae could help save us from the impending freshwater crisis

The microscopic organism grows easily in salt water without any trouble