Backyard data in six US states shows that native mason bees are declining

For 13 years, volunteers across the mid-Atlantic region helped scientists track mason bees

Nectar robbery by short-tongued bees is throwing off delicate pollination cycles

Nectar-robbing by bees leads to fewer visits by other pollinating insects, impacting flower reproductive success

Bumble bees cut holes in plants' leaves to trigger flowering

This remarkable behavior was discovered during routine observations of bee behavior

Finally, proof that honeybees are bullies

New research finds that honeybees might push smaller bees off the nectar motherlode

Heat waves may drive bees to extinction

Climate change isn't all bad news for our striped friends, but the negative effects of heatwaves will outweigh the possible positive effects of warming in cooler regions

Think mosquitoes only drink blood? Think again.

Mosquitoes also drink nectar, serving as pollinators for certain types of orchids

Climate change threatens bats⁠ — and tequila

Climate change could destroy the delicate partnership between agave plants and the bats that pollinate them

Though smelling sweet, linden trees are bad for bumblebees

A new study finds that linden nectar inflicts a one-two punch of toxicity and starvation on bees that depend on it

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Why don't Venus flytraps eat their pollinators?

The carnivorous plants are disappearing, so scientists need to understand their symbiosis with insects