Researchers made golden rice extra gold with CRISPR

Using this technique, drought- and pest-resistance genes could be inserted into food crops to make them more productive

You should be excited that scientists are releasing 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes this year

Texas and the Florida Keys will see the release of GM insects in a plan to reduce disease transmission

To fight agricultural pests, scientists try spray-on plant vaccines

RNA interference can be used to protect food crops and improve plants' health, no genetic engineering required

Start-up releases the world's first GMO probiotic

The company claims the probiotic supplement can cure hangovers, but evidence in humans is lacking

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Organic food is booming, but it's grinding field laborers into the dirt

The well-being of organic farmworkers is falling to the wayside as we rapidly increase our consumption of these premium products

Fewer crops are feeding more people worldwide – and that’s not good

Reduced agrobiodiversity threatens the stability of our whole food system

Your bubble tea could hold the key to helping millions of farmers

Cassava, an African staple food crop, could be poised to become a major source of industrial starch thanks to CRISPR

GMOs can help us adapt to climate change

Like levees and seawalls, GMOs could help us to manage climate change's impact

GMOs are better for the environment than you'd think

Although it's not a popular narrative, genetic engineering can be an important ally in protecting the environment

Genetically modified crops are way more common than you'd think

It's not just about what you eat – GM crops make their way into everything

What is genetic modification?

It's surprisingly difficult to pin down a conclusive definition

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How 'Frankenstein' unfairly sways the GMO debate

The novel ushered in a concept that actively harms the Global South two centuries later

Mark Lynas on the complexity of disagreeing on GMOs

'I try to take people at face value in terms of what their objections are, and to not ascribe them with ill-intent'

The art of publicly changing your mind on GMOs

'Seeds of Science' makes a persuasive case for GM technology by a man who used to oppose it

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Why I'm quitting GMO research

Constantly confronting people who think my research will harm them is profoundly distressing