Bats are born knowing the speed of sound

Researchers raised bat pups in helium-enriched air to test their hypothesis about what, for bats, is innate and learned

Weeding out non-native strawberry guava keeps a flying fox, and the crops it feeds on, out of harm's way

Fruit bats help the trees by dispersing seeds, and the trees help the bats by feeding them. Why not help the bats by helping the trees?

Cold-sensing neurons help tell animals when to hibernate

This brings new insight into how mammals and birds survive frigid winters

Even vampire bats do social distancing when their friends are sick

New research finds that bats care for their ill family members, but don't socialize as much with their sick friends

Bats' unique immune systems make them stealthy viral reservoirs

These ecologically important animals have been at the center of many major viral outbreaks, and we are beginning to understand why

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The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is serious, but we are getting the response to it right

In 2002, the SARS outbreak surprised the world. The global response to 2019-nCoV has taken that lesson to heart

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Researchers are abolishing an ancient epidemic — and trying to prevent the next one before it starts

Using machine learning tools and viral sequences, researchers are trying to better understand disease transmission

Climate change threatens bats⁠ — and tequila

Climate change could destroy the delicate partnership between agave plants and the bats that pollinate them

Meet the friendly vampire bat: they drink blood, cuddle and even groom fellow bats

Researchers tried to understand what motivates vampire bats to do nice things, like grooming each other

Silver-haired bats wake up, re-heat their bodies, and flee when attacked

They can warm themselves up faster than any other mammal, increasing the odds that they escape incoming predators

Your salad might bring an unwanted guest to the dinner table

A new study finds that bagged and canned produce can occasionally (but rarely) come with a side of frog, lizard, bird, or rodent

How to peacefully coexist with potentially dangerous species

Biodiversity keeps rabid vampire bats feeding on their natural prey – not on us

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