The mysterious cause of sea star wasting syndrome is a mystery no more

Sea stars suffer when microorganisms living on them suck up too much oxygen from the water

How does space travel affect astronaut's chromosomes?

Astronaut study reveals new intricacies of spaceflight radiation's stress on telomere length

Skin cells protect their DNA from bumps and bruises with a jello-like response

Cells' responses to microscopic pushes and pulls prevent cancers from forming

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A grape virus causes vineyards to lose $60,000 per hectare, and there's no defense against it

Red blotch disease alters the chemical composition and taste of critical winemaking grapes

A two degree temperature increase nearly triples pathogens that cause plant disease

The fungal pathogens already cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage

A new shortcut skips stem cells completely, converts skin cells into photoreceptors

This method, which uses a handful of small molecule drugs, is a time-saver compared to stem cell therapy

Meet Lady Mary Montagu, who brought smallpox inoculation to England

This poet and essayist likely saved many lives from this deadly, disfiguring disease

Cytokines prevent the whooping cough bacteria from invading the rest of the body (in mice)

Researchers hope that this finding will eventually lead to new treatment for the disease in infants

Dogs can smell silent, deadly cancers before a blood test can

Can doctors learn to detect the volatile compounds that dogs pick up?

Can hormone levels signal for autism in girls?

New study moves against the current of gender bias in autism research

Where does the word "quarantine" come from?

It came to English from Italian

It's not too late to change America's coronavirus future

We need swift, strong measures and protection for our healthcare workers

Even vampire bats do social distancing when their friends are sick

New research finds that bats care for their ill family members, but don't socialize as much with their sick friends

Bats' unique immune systems make them stealthy viral reservoirs

These ecologically important animals have been at the center of many major viral outbreaks, and we are beginning to understand why