A skin-eating fungus from Europe could decimate Appalachia’s salamanders

How two University of Tennessee researchers are working to prevent an outbreak

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Mushrooms, virtual reality and a dose of nature: an interview with Winslow Porter

The artist spoke about connecting nature, mushrooms, and technology

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'Symbiosis/Dysbiosis' VR art installation will let you see, feel, hear the invisible

Tosca Terán and Sara Lisa Vogl speak with Massive about stimulating senses in their art

Yeast could soon make psilocybin cheaper than their magic mushroom cousins can

New work could even lead to psychedelic intermediates not previously available in large quantities

A two degree temperature increase nearly triples pathogens that cause plant disease

The fungal pathogens already cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage

Fungi learn how to cope with drought, but at a cost

Understanding what climate change will do to belowground ecosystems helps us predict what will happen aboveground, too

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Es tiempo de incluir a nuestros amigos, los hongos, en nuestros microbiomas

El microbioma de nuestro intestino contiene hongos y protistas, no solo bacteria – entonces, ¿por qué no los estudiamos?

Wildfires in Canada are burning down forests of mushrooms

Fungal communities are negatively affected by the frequent, intense forest fires that climate change has brought us

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It's time to highlight our fungus friends in our microbiomes

Our gut microbiomes contain fungi and protists, not just bacteria - so why don't we study them?