New device blends secrets of beetles and cacti to pull water from fog

Engineers learned from unique surfaces in nature to create an aluminum foil that harvests water from the air

Animals and their DNA move through the environment in different ways

Sampling a lake at different times of year and at different depths found fish DNA distributes in unexpected ways

A new device stops hiccups without silly home remedies

The device consists of a drinking tube with a mouthpiece and a pressurized valve at the bottom

Researchers treat water filtration structures with candle soot, keeping bacteria at bay

Water filtration is an important step in drinking water infrastructure and wastewater treatment

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The little mountain rivers that create the Amazon might soon be choked off

Life depends on the minerals and sediment rivers carry down from the Andes

Animal "construction workers" rebuild natural landscapes more efficiently than humans ever could

Ecosystem engineers like beavers and tortoises help restore water cycles and tree cover to degraded habitats

California's wildfires are poisoning drinking water supplies

Pipes absorb a litany of chemicals from fires and firefighting, which leach into the water

Scientists look to mussels' feet to build a better adhesive

Water is a big problem for manmade adhesives, but nature has already figured out a solution

Bone proteins can help identify how long a body has been submerged in water

This finding will help forensic teams better determine time of death in some cases

Fungi learn how to cope with drought, but at a cost

Understanding what climate change will do to belowground ecosystems helps us predict what will happen aboveground, too

Deep-sea currents are spreading microplastics around the globe

Microorganisms on the sea floor ingest these plastics and can disrupt entire food webs

Extreme microbes survive the desert by dissolving rocks with acid

"...the thought about the desert dehydrating the rocks was not correct. It was actually the microbes dehydrating the rock"

Can AI predict the next big flood before it happens?

Computers are learning from past big ones to point to climate patterns of risk