I am a tropical forest ecologist and PhD student at Wake Forest University. I currently study the disturbance ecology of tropical montane forests, which means I spend a lot of time scrambling up landslides in the Peruvian Andes! My work is important for understanding the structure, composition, and functioning of these dynamic forest ecosystems.

To save the reefs, save the trees and the soil they grow in

Soil from the surface can smother reefs. A new study creates a map of corals most susceptible to runoff from land

Floods in Germany are the latest wake-up call in the climate crisis

Germany has experienced nine flood-rich periods in the past 500 years, but this one is different

A human-elephant conflict video game may bolster conservation efforts

The multiplayer game tests conservation strategies for farmers interacting with elephants in Gabon, but its lessons reveal a need for human equity

Elon Musk's climate change prize is empty and worthless

Those who control vast sums of money could easily fund real changes and simply choose not to

Biologists find the world’s southernmost tree on a wind-battered island in Chile

Wind, and not temperature, is the biggest determinant of where it lives (and where it does not)

Here are some of the first snowflakes ever photographed

Photographer Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley took the first picture of a snowflake in 1885

Watching Earth change from space: an interview with Africa Flores-Anderson

The National Geographic Explorer and NASA scientist spoke with Massive on how imaging environmental change can change minds

A new kind of climate change book brings emotions to the table

"All We Can Save" doesn't shy away from doom or hope, encompassing the enormity of climate change

Meet Merit-Ptah, the ancient Egyptian doctor who didn't exist

Though created by accident, her story fit neatly with burgeoning 20th century feminism

Black scientists are exposing the racist side of academia on Twitter

#BlackintheIvory is yet another illustration that academia is rife with racism. It's long past time for change

One person's techno trash is a scientist's research tool

It's hard to study plant roots, but a plastic CD case makes it easier to observe a plant's underground activities

A real world version of Pokémon Go lets you track orangutans in the jungle

A new augmented reality smartphone game takes you into Borneo's jungles in search of great apes (and more!)

How to stay calm during a pandemic

We all have very valid reasons to be anxious right now. Here's how to keep your anxiety in check

Science games and challenges to pass the time while you are stuck at home

Here are some ways to kill boredom – and contribute to scientific research – while you're doing your part to flatten the curve

Meet Alice Wilson, the Canadian geologist who did the work of five people

She wasn't allowed to work at remote field sites, so she became the expert in her local rocks and fossils

Scientists recreated a key step for the origin of life at hydrothermal vents

Simulating alkaline environments from 3 billion years ago showed formation of precursor cells is possible

Forget baby shark: grandma whale, the real hero of the ocean, is looking after her grandkids

New research shows that grandmother orcas greatly improve the survival of their grand-offspring, advancing our understanding of the evolutionary role of menopause

A catastrophic power outage darkens California while horny spiders invade

Tarantulas, fire-inducing weather, and failing infrastructure make for a spooky October story

Captive sea otters (adorably) raise orphaned pups as their own until they are ready to be released back into the wild

New research from Monterey Bay Aquarium scientists finds that the pups and their own wild babies account for 55% of the growth of a California sea otter population

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There's a straight line from Trump's trade war with China to the destruction of the Amazon

U.S. exports of soybeans to China have dropped dramatically. Brazil is stepping up to meet Chinese demand — and burning vast areas of the Amazon along the way.

Your salad might bring an unwanted guest to the dinner table

A new study finds that bagged and canned produce can occasionally (but rarely) come with a side of frog, lizard, bird, or rodent

Climate change is almost too big a problem to study. The solution? Volcanoes.

Volcanoes blanketed by tropical rainforests are a natural laboratory to study climate change

How shadowy tax havens skirt conservation efforts

Dark money foreign investments may bankroll deforestation and overfishing

"Poached" takes you into the trenches of wildlife crime

Rachel Love Nuwer explains how and why illegal trade threatens to wipe some of our planet's most charismatic animals off the map forever

Why fieldwork is still crucial for science research

There are some things it's impossible to discern without ground truthing

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How one invasive plant can change a rainforest

The mountain apple's entry into Indonesia a century ago still threatens biodiversity there

'Being Ecological' is a book with admirable aims and a tangled execution

Prioritizing data over action can be counterproductive – but so is a muddled message

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What Pokémon GO can teach conservationists about public engagement

In six days, players collected as much data as naturalists had in 400 years

Four facts about Marie Tharp, the woman whose art mapped the bottom of the sea

She discovered the Earth's 'backbone' even though men wouldn't let her on a ship for 17 years