To save the reefs, save the trees and the soil they grow in

Soil from the surface can smother reefs. A new study creates a map of corals most susceptible to runoff from land

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Changing your microbiome could be as easy as taking a walk in the park

Bacteria from soil, plants, and air transfer to your body when you go outside, potentially bringing health benefits

Bacteria that live in our guts and underground have circadian clocks

Circadian clocks help our bodies track a daily rhythm, but the reason these bacteria have them remains unclear

New evidence for the first life on land comes from an ancient microbial fingerprint

By comparing the chemical composition of modern microbial communities to their ancient counterparts, researchers can find better evidence of the earliest life on land. It's older than you think

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Wildfires are burning with an intensity that microbial communities haven’t evolved to endure

As desertification threatens, synthetic biologists are pondering new ways of helping soil heal

In some places, planting trees doesn't help store any more carbon

New research adds to evidence that simply planting trees won't stop climate change

A two degree temperature increase nearly triples pathogens that cause plant disease

The fungal pathogens already cause hundreds of billions of dollars in damage

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Faraway cities are sending their heat to the Arctic's ecosystem

Even in the remote high latitudes, a new satellite study sees rising temperatures and spreading green belts around cities

One person's techno trash is a scientist's research tool

It's hard to study plant roots, but a plastic CD case makes it easier to observe a plant's underground activities

Wildfires in Canada are burning down forests of mushrooms

Fungal communities are negatively affected by the frequent, intense forest fires that climate change has brought us

There's no corner of the globe safe from microplastic pollution

These tiny plastic pieces have now been detected on top of mountains, in the soil, and even in your honey

microbe collage

The soil microbiome could change agriculture—if we can understand it

Tinkering with the buzzing "social network" in the soil could be a new frontier for making crops grow faster and healthier.