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'Picture a Scientist’ director Sharon Shattuck wants you to know you're not alone

The stories captured in Picture a Scientist are shocking, but they are hardly exceptional

It's lonely being a Black scientist

I have been weighed down by tragedy, passed over, and exploited

All conferences should be virtual in a post-coronavirus world

For accessibility, financial, and environmental reasons, it just makes sense

The lifesaving transplant organ you're waiting on may go missing in transit

A new investigation finds that many organs are critically delayed while being shipped on commercial airliners

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, the stories of two Jewish scientists

There were over six million Jews, allies and collaborators who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust

Scientists, beware of the consequences of routine practices in your lab!

The harmless practice of using parafilm to seal agar petri dishes containing the model organism, C. elegans, actually impacts larval development

Researchers who collaborate with top scientists early on do better in their lifelong career

Though some researchers have questioned the study's methodology, including what constitutes a top scientist or a prestigious institution

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Huge genetic databases are hurting marginalized people's health

White people could be offered genetic tests for certain health conditions, while other people could be offered incorrect or no testing at all

We need to talk about our current global antimicrobial resistance crisis — in a more effective manner

Antimicrobial resistance has been declared a global health threat, but we're running into barriers when it comes to communication

TikToks are teaching Generation Z about science

Yes, you can share funny clips on TikTok, but what about communicating science on this platform?

Sister Miriam Michael Stimson turned early models of DNA inside out

Not everyone thinks of a Catholic nun when they think “scientist.”