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We should look at healthcare through the lens of love

Public health expert Sandro Galea on why public health should be more founded in compassion

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Building trust and relationships is key in changing vaccine-hesitant minds

Anthropologist Heidi Larson studies how to stop vaccine misinformation and rumors

Tear gas used in 2020 protests wreaked havoc on people's health

The chemical control isn't just a short-term irritant. For many, it caused lasting physical and psychological effects, including menstrual issues

Over-the-counter COVID tests are coming sooner rather than later

Scientists and lawmakers agree that over-the-counter rapid tests could allow desk workers to settle back into their cubicles and make it easier to reopen schools and travel.

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Paw hygiene is no reason to ban assistance dogs from hospitals – they’re cleaner than people’s shoes

Service dogs are no more of a hygiene hazard than people, but are regularly refused entry

Immunocompromised people must be a priority in the COVID-19 vaccination effort

Vaccinating immunocompromised people will both protect their health and slow viral evolution

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Community health workers, often overlooked, bring trust to the pandemic fight

Health care has always been most personal when it extends beyond the clinic or hospital

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How the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed determines how the pandemic will end

National health care systems will make things more organized, but the US is still finding its footing

A virus-like COVID-19 vaccine is being grown in tobacco plants

The "virus-like particle" produced by the Canadian company Medicago is the only vaccine in clinical trials made in plants

What will dexamethasone do to President Trump?

The cognitive and immunological effects of steroids face a test at a critical point in Trump's illness

A person performing a genome sequencing to compare the genetic sequences of viruses.

 CDC (Videographer: Todd Jordan)

Don't bank on herd immunity to save us from COVID-19

The best way forward is to use quality research to shape policy

Without more coronavirus testing, the US is unprepared for a second wave of infections

Disease surveillance and some form of contact tracing are absolute necessities