animal behavior

For the first time ever, researchers have "housebroken" cows

Controlling where cow waste ends up could lead to cleaner air and water and decreased greenhouse gas emissions

Researchers observe a boar releasing two caged younglings in a impassioned rescue

The act sheds light on the prosocial behavior and empathy of wild boars, thought to be rare among animals

Can slime molds remember?

Unique signals may propagate through the slime mold's tendrils when they reach food

What does a spider eat? Look at the DNA in their guts

DNA sequencing found wandering spiders eat at least 96 types of prey, including snakes and lizards

Honeybees experience withdrawal symptoms when deprived of alcohol

Scientists are turning to honeybees to understand alcohol dependence in humans

Inside the complicated, messy world of pet cloning

Biologically, cloning an animal is relatively straightforward. But can a clone ever be exactly like the original beloved pet?

A smelly paste tricks invasive predators into leaving native birds alone

This study reveals a cheap, new method of protecting endangered species in New Zealand

Domestic cats fall for the same visual illusions as we do

Our feline friends are just as likely to sit inside of a fake square as a real one

How a bearded dragon STI controlled the minds of a cricket colony

The discovery, made by accident, tells us about insects' behavior and gives insight into our own

Golden-collared manakins change choreography when the environment shifts

These bright yellow birds have elaborate courtship dances. Can they learn to do them differently?

Female capybaras control their own mating destinies

New research shows that they are more choosy about which males they mate with than previously thought