To save the reefs, save the trees and the soil they grow in

Soil from the surface can smother reefs. A new study creates a map of corals most susceptible to runoff from land

Animals and their DNA move through the environment in different ways

Sampling a lake at different times of year and at different depths found fish DNA distributes in unexpected ways

Floods in Germany are the latest wake-up call in the climate crisis

Germany has experienced nine flood-rich periods in the past 500 years, but this one is different

A human-elephant conflict video game may bolster conservation efforts

The multiplayer game tests conservation strategies for farmers interacting with elephants in Gabon, but its lessons reveal a need for human equity

The wealthy are hoarding livable homes as climate change makes land uninhabitable

How climate change floods, boils, and leaves gentrification in its wake

This Earth Day, turn your funeral into an ecoburial

Traditional burial practices are ecologically unsustainable, so why not go green in your final act?

We still don't know much about marijuana farms' effects on wildlife

A new study found that larger animals were less commonly found on cannabis farms as outside them

Ozone in the air is bad for birds

Regulations addressing air pollution have prevented the deaths of 1.5 billion birds over the past 40 years

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These slimy underwater mats can help store carbon, but only if they can survive

Tamiko Thiel and Luisa I. Falcón are creating interactive art to help save the stromatolites

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'Symbiosis/Dysbiosis' VR art installation will let you see, feel, hear the invisible

Tosca Terán and Sara Lisa Vogl speak with Massive about stimulating senses in their art

California's wildfires are poisoning drinking water supplies

Pipes absorb a litany of chemicals from fires and firefighting, which leach into the water

Deep-sea currents are spreading microplastics around the globe

Microorganisms on the sea floor ingest these plastics and can disrupt entire food webs