Assistant editor and science writer with a PhD in chemical & biological engineering. My PhD research focused on designing nanoparticles to kill multi-drug resistant bacteria. Now, I write about all the ways scientists are trying to save lives around the world.

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Scientists celebrate Inverte-Butt-Fest, a photographic homage to spineless backsides

"Invert butts should be celebrated because they have a wide diversity in form and function, and because they bring us all joy"

Tear gas used in 2020 protests wreaked havoc on people's health

The chemical control isn't just a short-term irritant. For many, it caused lasting physical and psychological effects, including menstrual issues

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'Symbiosis/Dysbiosis' VR art installation will let you see, feel, hear the invisible

Tosca Terán and Sara Lisa Vogl speak with Massive about stimulating senses in their art

How did the bear cross the road? Wildlife corridor's success caught on video

The important project allows safe movement for even some of the largest mammals in North America

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A slime mold changes its mind: an interview with slime mold scientist Audrey Dussutour

How do slime molds and ants make decisions without a central brain?

PFAS chemicals reach remote oceans and accumulate in whales, dolphins, and other ocean life

Scientists studying the 'forever chemicals' say this trend is concerning

What will dexamethasone do to President Trump?

The cognitive and immunological effects of steroids face a test at a critical point in Trump's illness

Anuses can have teeth, farts can be weapons, butts can be homes: an interview with a farts expert

Zoologist and butt book author Dani Rabaiotti on the worst fart she ever smelled and what new fart research she'd like to see

A smart ‘second skin’ shape-shifts to block out chemical weapons

The smart fabric made of carbon nanotubes is light, breathable, and can change how first-responders deal with sarin

Extreme microbes survive the desert by dissolving rocks with acid

"...the thought about the desert dehydrating the rocks was not correct. It was actually the microbes dehydrating the rock"

Hurricanes are shaping lizard feet all over the world

New study shows that lizards evolve and maintain wider toepads to survive hurricane winds

Chemists are decoding the fruity scent of lemur stink flirting

New study identifies the molecules of a key lemur scent, but experts hesitate to call them pheromones

To stop pancreatic cancer from spreading, cut out the chatter

By switching off cell-to-cell communication, researchers turned cancer’s bazooka into a rubber pistol

Meet the all-star cast of marine bacteria that can ruin your warm-weather activities

Each member of the Vibrio family is unique, but they're all likely getting more common as the oceans warm

Mosquito-borne diseases get a boost from climate change

Bugs like it hot, and evolve faster when there's lots of carbon dioxide

Futuristic organ-on-a-chip technology now seems more realistic than ever

Researchers have pioneered what may be the most accurate simulation of kidney function to-date