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Industrial chemical polluters are almost unregulated in the US. We can do more

The existing regulatory framework puts too much burden on the Environmental Protection Agency — and too little on manufacturers

The EPA Can’t Wait to Reopen the Mine That Poisoned North Idaho

The Bunker Hill Mine deposited 75 million tons of toxic sludge in Lake Coeur d’Alene, and the lead and zinc are still flowing.

Coal ash contains lead, arsenic, and mercury – and it's mostly unregulated

Can science find solutions where policy lags before the damage deepens?

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Why don't Americans care about chemicals?

We need chemicals for daily life, but seem to feel 'apocalypse fatigue' around their dangers

mouse mammary tissue

An unexplained result shows why studying the effects of chemicals is so tricky

Even in the lab, it's not easy to control every part of the process