Tweaked version of failed Alzheimer's disease drug restores memory in mice

The preliminary results suggest the drug may stop — and reverse — some Alzheimer's disease

Color-changing band-aids show when patients are infected with superbugs

These “sense-and-treat” bandages change color when in contact with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and then eliminate them

Scientists have revised the recipe for the first gene and the origin of life

New research finds that arabinonucleic acids accelerate RNA formation, making the RNA world hypothesis more plausible

The mice most scientists use to study Alzheimer's aren't accurate

A new Nature study shows that human and mouse brains with Alzheimer’s disease look and function differently

Fights are good for science. Just ask Elizabeth Nolan or Louis Pasteur

Disagreements over Nolan's findings on slowing down bacteria are just part of a healthy scientific process

Ancient Egyptians were drinking beer that looked just like modern brews

Researchers recently took a physical sample from the vats of Egypt’s oldest brewery establishment and analyzed the chemical components

Sometimes they make food ferment, but used in the right way, these bacteria can also be a preservative

Lactic acid bacteria produce antibiotic-like compounds that kill off potentially harmful contaminants

Is your gut microbiome stealing your drugs?

New research identifies how our gut microbiomes interfere with the medications we take, and offers the possibility of medicine personalized to our gut bacteria.