Ozone in the air is bad for birds

Regulations addressing air pollution have prevented the deaths of 1.5 billion birds over the past 40 years

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Industrial chemical polluters are almost unregulated in the US. We can do more

The existing regulatory framework puts too much burden on the Environmental Protection Agency — and too little on manufacturers

Scientists just cut the tolerable intake of PFAs by 99.9%

PFAs are everywhere. In cosmetics, wrapping your greasy take-out burgers, and eventually, 98% of humans' bloodstreams. The recommended tolerable intake for PFAs was just cut by 99.9%.

USDA and FDA announce that they'll both regulate cellular agriculture, but at different stages

The decision can be seen as a win for the companies that are working on cell-based meat products

Where do aquarium fish come from?

It's crucial to know before you buy for conservation purposes

Did 'The Bachelorette' just eat my research?

Giant mollusks are just about the only thing more interesting to me than who gets the rose

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'Orphan drugs' are ascendant. What will that mean for people with rare diseases?

Niche drugs may be good for companies, but that doesn't mean they'll reach sufferers

Coal ash contains lead, arsenic, and mercury – and it's mostly unregulated

Can science find solutions where policy lags before the damage deepens?