environmental justice

The wealthy are hoarding livable homes as climate change makes land uninhabitable

How climate change floods, boils, and leaves gentrification in its wake

A version of this article originally appeared on Earther

Why schools should be the center of a Green New Deal

Underfunded schools have left students to boil in the heat or drink lead-tainted fountain water. The GND should help

Air quality monitors mounted on public transit see pollution other sensors miss

Researchers in Salt Lake City are using light rail trains to measure the city's air pollution

In Miami, environmental injustice and the ocean tides rise alongside luxury housing

The city's economic divide leaves everyone but the rich vulnerable to climate change, a scene that will play out around the world in the coming decades

Widespread PFAS chemical pollution will likely make COVID-19 worse

These common household and industrial chemicals impair immune system function

A reading and listening list for scientific anti-racism

Angry about the murder of George Floyd? Want to learn more? Start here

Lead poisoning hits low-income children harder than their affluent neighbors

Children living in poverty suffer greater cognitive and physical effects from lead exposure than children from richer families, even if they live in the same area

A version of this article originally appeared on Museum of the Moving Image: Sloan Science & Film

What "Dark Waters" gets right about the DuPont/PFAS water pollution case

The movie underscores the dangers of polyfluoroalyl substances in the environment and the corporate malfeasance that led to it

Mary Annaïse Heglar's writing on climate change is a "punch in the gut" — and that's by design

There's room for both emotion and fact as humanity deals with the uncertainty of a warming planet

Climate strikers send a message: "Put your planet and its people over profit"

"We are supposed to be the 'leaders of tomorrow', but are being forced to become the leaders of today because our current leaders refuse to hear our cries"