The Genetic Lottery is a bust for both genetics and policy

Kathryn Paige Harden’s book tries to demonstrate how genetics can ameliorate societal ills. She falls well, well short

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The fossil fuel industry was built on white supremacy

White oilmen codified segregation into the oil fields, and oil towns were the scenes of brutal racist attacks

A version of this article originally appeared on Undark

Is artificial intelligence worsening COVID-19's toll on Black Americans?

Experts are asking if biased algorithms exacerbate health disparities

Racial injustice causes Black Americans to age faster than whites

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Museums and summer camps are excluding non-white people

Unbarred by school district lines, informal science education isn't equally accessible

Black scientists are exposing the racist side of academia on Twitter

#BlackintheIvory is yet another illustration that academia is rife with racism. It's long past time for change

A reading and listening list for scientific anti-racism

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Not surprisingly, science still has a huge racism and sexism problem

All STEM fields have this problem, with physics having particularly large gaps

James Watson and the Insidiousness of Scientific Racism

“How does it feel to be a black scientist who owes much to James Watson in general, and in my case, is linked to his specific pedigree?”

How I realized that LGBT+ scientists like me can inspire others in their field

Far too many LGBT+ scientists still report fear in their workplaces, but I have hope for change