in mice

Male and female mice form memories of fearful events differently

A drug that blocks memory forming in male mice has a different effect in females

Cocaine use slices and dices RNA in mouse brain cells

The analysis of epigenetic changes caused by cocaine use adds to the evidence that substance use disorders are rooted in biology

Germ-free mice show how eating common oils affects our microbiomes

New research adds to our knowledge about how the oils we eat affect our bodies

A new molecule and an under-appreciated neuron have been implicated in Parkinson's disease

Researchers studying Parkinson’s disease pivot from the usual dopamine story and reveal a new mechanism underlying early motor deficits

A controversial new study shows how male rats can become pregnant and give birth

Scientists have debated whether the scientific progress justified the invasiveness of the procedure

Do you handle stress well? Thank your dad

Research finds that mice display the same stress responses as their fathers

Boosting one enzyme could help protect our brains when oxygen is limited

New research examines how hydrogen sulfide gas is processed in the brain during hypoxia

When sperm can’t modify their proteins, their motors stop swimming

New study validates long-suspected biological reason for sperm-based infertility

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Sora Shimazaki via Pexels

Microbes in your gut might be impairing your memory

Gut microbes send different signals to the brain in people with obesity

Scientists discover a gene for scarless skin regeneration

This gene is active in newborn mice and gets turned off as they age

Sugar may trigger inflammatory bowel disease by breaking down gut mucus

Mice fed sugar-heavy diets have worse colitis and more mucous-degrading gut bacteria

Scientists have restored youth to aging eyes in mice

New research suggests vision loss may be reversible via induced pluripotent stem cells

Eating a high-fat diet could change your brain for the worse

Research in mice shows how fatty foods alter the brain's response to healthy foods

Two mini microscopes watched a mouse’s brain move its body in real time

The NINscope will help researchers uncover how neurons in different regions of the brain interact with each other