A controversial new study shows how male rats can become pregnant and give birth

Scientists have debated whether the scientific progress justified the invasiveness of the procedure

When sperm can’t modify their proteins, their motors stop swimming

New study validates long-suspected biological reason for sperm-based infertility

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The neurons that make fruit flies interested in sex are turned on by song

Fruit flies go so far as to have species specific melodies and chords

Mating plugs and other weird butterfly sex habits

Male butterflies want monogamy. Females, not so much.

In the future, a simple blood test could identify who will develop pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia is the second leading cause of maternal mortality, and symptoms don't manifest until late in a pregnancy

A 540 million year-old microscopic protist sex mystery is solved

How tiny, shelled protists reproduce helps explain their strange evolutionary patterns

Female capybaras control their own mating destinies

New research shows that they are more choosy about which males they mate with than previously thought

There might be some problems when we try to make babies in space

Biologists sent brain organoids to the International Space Station to figure out how microgravity will affect developing babies

Scientists grafted frozen testicular tissue and produced viable sperm for the first time

A newborn monkey named Grady gives hope for restoring fertility to men who underwent cancer treatment as kids

The US-Mexico border is making life complicated for green sea turtles

How do you protect animals that move seamlessly between jurisdictions?

The slap-dash nature of evolution makes entertaining reading

Nathan Lents' new book details the accidental, incidental nature of human quirks

Three facts about Helen Rodríguez-Trías, pediatrician-turned-healthcare activist

She pushed to end sterilization, legalize abortion, and give poor people access to quality healthcare

How do mosses reproduce? By spreading their seed on everything

Come for the soft and cool outdoor perch, leave covered in moss sperm