stem cells

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This technology was designed to grow human cells. Now it's transforming the cultured meat industry.

Inside the breakthrough that could take lab-grown meat from the lab to the supermarket.

Stem cells can give new life to ovaries and potentially restore fertility

Stem cells enhanced ovarian function and egg retrieval in patients with premature ovarian insufficiency

Scientists have restored youth to aging eyes in mice

New research suggests vision loss may be reversible via induced pluripotent stem cells

A potential new treatment for premature aging diseases keeps stem cells fresh longer

The drug helps keep stem cells' telomeres long, preventing them from aging too quickly

A new shortcut skips stem cells completely, converts skin cells into photoreceptors

This method, which uses a handful of small molecule drugs, is a time-saver compared to stem cell therapy

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Testing drugs on stem cells in petri dishes may revolutionize our understanding of difficult-to-study diseases

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This is even more exciting for ALS patients.

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Here's everything you need to know to grow your own hamburgers

Cellular agriculture techniques are young but rapidly advancing

The history of humanity is written across your smile

'The Tales Teeth Tell' traces the evolution of our teeth into "oral Swiss army knives"

Futuristic organ-on-a-chip technology now seems more realistic than ever

Researchers have pioneered what may be the most accurate simulation of kidney function to-date

Henry Greely, bioethicist and attorney, on why genetic tech isn't so scary

'I probably wouldn’t regulate anything except possibly parents'