A controversial new study shows how male rats can become pregnant and give birth

Scientists have debated whether the scientific progress justified the invasiveness of the procedure

The WHO has released new guidelines for genome editing technology

These recommendations will help improve the safety and access of genome-editing treatments

Google has shown that they don't actually care about ethical AI

AI algorithms are racist and sexist because these biases are baked into our society. We need to fix this

A new genetic testing method makes assisted reproduction safer

However, it does not alleviate the serious ethical concerns around genome editing of embryos

CRISPR technology for human gene editing is promising, but serious scientific and ethical concerns remain

Multiple sectors of society must be involved in the regulation and applications of CRISPR to medicine

Your anonymized data might not be as anonymous as you thought

A new study raises serious ethical and practical questions about data security

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Who decides when life begins? How do we define a disease? What kind of gene edits should be allowed?

Who has the answers to the questions posed by genetic modification?

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The Next Human: Brain and Body as Connected Devices

Is there a difference if the tool is in our hand or if it is an implant in our brain?

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Lab-grown meat could bring about the next agricultural revolution

Cultured meat would require less land, less water and potentially produce less greenhouse gases

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Raising animals for meat creates lots of problems. Lab-grown meat could provide solutions

Cultured meat is the next step in a long history of alternatives to conventional meat

Why I refuse to do animal testing in my science career

Researchers must grapple with the tension between our curiosity and our duty

Should peer review stop being anonymous?

Prominent researchers can take the gamble, but junior scientists risk retribution

Henry Greely, bioethicist and attorney, on why genetic tech isn't so scary

'I probably wouldn’t regulate anything except possibly parents'

People ask about my experiments on mice. The answers are … complicated

Behind most breakthroughs is animal research. Let's stop pretending otherwise