Sleep deprivation prevents us from blocking out painful memories

Well-rested people are better able to suppress negative thoughts and emotions than sleep-deprived people

New help for allergies could be on the way

Researchers have identified the cells that trigger uncomfortable allergic responses

An accidental experiment discovered new cells in cat brains and led to a Nobel Prize

Cats looking at dots inside a tent revealed the different eye cells that process movement and light

Scientists create an 'atlas' of fruit fly brain development

This map will shed light on how other animals' brains develop, too

Tweaked version of failed Alzheimer's disease drug restores memory in mice

The preliminary results suggest the drug may stop — and reverse — some Alzheimer's disease

Scientists have mapped the "in-between neurons" of our brains

They make up a part of the brain called superficial white matter, which is difficult to see under a microscope

The mother's gut microbiome helps a child's brain develop its senses

Without the maternal microbiome, a mouse's thalamus under-develops, resulting in reduced sensory processing

Eating a high-fat diet could change your brain for the worse

Research in mice shows how fatty foods alter the brain's response to healthy foods

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Neuroscientist seeks love molecule: a conversation with Bianca Jones Marlin

The Columbia scientist on the neuroscience of motherhood and how social justice and science intersect