Hi! I’m a neuroscientist and science communicator finishing up my MSc in Ireland. I study the way that microbes living in the gut communicate with the brain, but I’m interested in all things neuroscience! I am passionated about mental health and science communication! I love coffee, raccoons and basketball.

Bacteria can live without food for over 1000 days

Nearly three years without food drives innovative survival strategies

A breathing tube through the butt could be an alternative to mechanical ventilators

Inspired by animals that breathe through their butts, scientists show that mammals can also harness the incredible breathing ability of our butts

The WHO has released new guidelines for genome editing technology

These recommendations will help improve the safety and access of genome-editing treatments

Could blockchain technology protect patients from counterfeit medication?

Not so fast. We should be wary of trying to science our way out of large-scale health issues

Google's new dermatology app misses the mark for BIPOC people

The technology was trained on 64,387 images, only a tiny portion of which featured dark-skinned people

Feeding gut bacteria may reduce anxiety in women

In a trial, women who took fiber supplements reported lowered anxiety compared to a placebo

This worm has too many butts

Researchers have identified how its internal anatomy adapts as its butts branch off

Sue, a reconstructed T. rex skeleton, at the Field Museum in Chicago

JJxFile via Wikimedia

A mass Tyrannosaurus rex grave confirms that they hunted in packs

A collection of T. rex fossils all found in one spot likely died together in a flood

Google has shown that they don't actually care about ethical AI

AI algorithms are racist and sexist because these biases are baked into our society. We need to fix this

A woman laying on a couch holding her stomach

Sora Shimazaki via Pexels

Microbes in your gut might be impairing your memory

Gut microbes send different signals to the brain in people with obesity

Octopuses sometimes punch fish out of spite

The mysterious behavior appears related to collaborative hunting and hints at complex emotions

Antidepressant drugs suppress important gut bacteria

This finding explains why some people who take antidepressants have unpleasant gut-centered side effects

The mother's gut microbiome helps a child's brain develop its senses

Without the maternal microbiome, a mouse's thalamus under-develops, resulting in reduced sensory processing

Eating more fiber could help you handle stress better

Some dietary fibers are converted to fatty acids, which are linked to cortisol levels in your blood