Some people just don't age, at least not like most

Super Agers and their brains might reveal something about age-related cognitive decline

Gelatins may protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease

A traditional Chinese medicine successfully protected neurons from amyloid-induced death

Rest up! New research finds we remember things best in the morning

It might be useful to set some reminders for things you intend to do later in the day

A sweeping study shows that "brain training" games are not effective

These games are popular and fun, but there is no evidence that they improve cognitive function

An opioid made in the brain is crucial for remembering other people

Without enkephalin, a neuropeptide, mice were unable to recognize other mice they'd already met

Sleep deprivation prevents us from blocking out painful memories

Well-rested people are better able to suppress negative thoughts and emotions than sleep-deprived people

How COVID-19 has worsened the lives of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients

Poor health outcomes and quarantines have accelerated the progress of motor and neurological dysfunction

This Earth Day, turn your funeral into an ecoburial

Traditional burial practices are ecologically unsustainable, so why not go green in your final act?

Our experiences help us judge how well we will learn new things

New research disentangles the effects of experience and belief on metamemory

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Microbes in your gut might be impairing your memory

Gut microbes send different signals to the brain in people with obesity

Our memories of shared experiences have unique neural signatures

New neuroscience research shows why you do not remember an event the same way as other people who attended do

While you sleep, specialized neurons in your brain help you forget

Forgetting has long been considered a passive process in the brain, but new research puts that idea to bed

Mice need microbes to forget their fears

Germ-free and antibiotic-treated mice have impaired fear extinction

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A protein in your brain behaves like a virus, infecting your cells with memories

Forming a protective shell, Arc moves from neuron to neuron