Parkinson's disease

A new molecule and an under-appreciated neuron have been implicated in Parkinson's disease

Researchers studying Parkinson’s disease pivot from the usual dopamine story and reveal a new mechanism underlying early motor deficits

How COVID-19 has worsened the lives of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's patients

Poor health outcomes and quarantines have accelerated the progress of motor and neurological dysfunction

How seven cases of a mysterious opioid-induced disease revolutionized Parkinson's research

In the early 1980s, seven people took synthetic heroin. What happened next drastically changed our understanding of Parkinson's disease, and how to treat it

Brain banks are key to understanding COVID's mysterious symptoms, but only if people are willing to donate

Some COVID-19 patients experience dizziness, loss of smell and even seizures, but we need brain donations from patients and healthy controls to understand why.

"Sizzling sticks of molecular dynamite" can cause Parkinson's from inside the body

When our body's repair mechanisms aren't working properly, these molecules roam free and wreak havoc

Viruses can infect the brain, hide out for decades, and then cause Viral Parkinsonism

How do you study a disease that takes decades to reveal itself? In this case, scientists used mice, viruses, and a little immunotherapy

Early diagnosis of Parkinson's is becoming possible, but how early do patients want to know?

Each person's disease journey is different, and an early diagnosis is not necessarily a timely diagnosis

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Exosuits can restore mobility in stroke patients and soldiers alike

And they're customizable for different types of bodies, gaits, and speeds

Diabetes is a much stranger disease than I realized

We don't really know what causes diabetes, but it involves these misshapen proteins infecting each other

Neurons die with grace

Neuroscientist Emily Lowry’s ongoing research on how and why nerve cells die has implications for Alzheimer’s, ALS and beyond.