Even cities have their own unique microbiomes

A study of microorganisms collected from public transportation systems shows even cities have microbial signatures

The lab-leak hypothesis for COVID-19 is becoming a conspiracy theory

To explain where SARS-CoV-2 came from, look at processes with scientific explanations and precedents

Researchers create an effective RNA vaccine for malaria

Tech similar to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines might prevent one of the world's deadliest diseases

Demystifying the effects of COVID-19 variants on vaccines

The US CDC has identified five variants of concern. Research into how vaccines might handle each is ongoing

People with immune systems primed to fend off bacteria are more susceptible to a common virus

This new research could lead to greater understanding of how the flu and coronaviruses affect us

Over-the-counter COVID tests are coming sooner rather than later

Scientists and lawmakers agree that over-the-counter rapid tests could allow desk workers to settle back into their cubicles and make it easier to reopen schools and travel.

A decoy may be the key to developing a vaccine against a deadly bioweapon

New research shows how Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus attaches to cells, paving the way for a vaccine

Immunocompromised people must be a priority in the COVID-19 vaccination effort

Vaccinating immunocompromised people will both protect their health and slow viral evolution

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How should a COVID-19 vaccine be distributed?

With Pfizer and Moderna vaccines proving effective, how should a population get vaccinated?

What counts as 15 minutes of close contact?

An epidemiologist explains the CDC guidance

Testing for lesser known antibodies produces a better COVID-19 test

Most antibody tests look for responses to SARS-CoV-2's spike protein, but more accurate results include antibodies against the virus's other proteins

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A grape virus causes vineyards to lose $60,000 per hectare, and there's no defense against it

Red blotch disease alters the chemical composition and taste of critical winemaking grapes

A virus-like COVID-19 vaccine is being grown in tobacco plants

The "virus-like particle" produced by the Canadian company Medicago is the only vaccine in clinical trials made in plants