We must reckon with our ableism if we want healthcare to work for people

People who had COVID-19 may need long-term care — the US healthcare system isn't ready

Neandertals don't deserve their bad, dim-witted reputation

Our hominin ancestor had bigger brains and probably went extinct with climate change. Who are we to judge?

Daylight saving time is bad for your health

We should go to year-round standard time, as the sun intended

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Graduate student working conditions are worsening. To fight back, they're unionizing

Conditions like withheld pay and discriminatory behavior are damaging lives

We need genetic engineering to stave off climate change-induced global hunger

Despite what many say, organic farming will not save us from the worst impacts of climate change

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"Paraben-free" products aren't safer than anything else

It's unclear if parabens are dangerous, and if they're not being used then some other preservative is

Science has to do better for its queer, trans, and non-binary scientists

More needs to be done by cisgender people in the field, and it needs to be done now

Why academia needs its #MeToo moment

Academia reports the second-highest rates of work-related sexual harassment, only less than the military

Why fieldwork is still crucial for science research

There are some things it's impossible to discern without ground truthing

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I crush stalagmites from protected caves. What can I do to give back?

Scientists should do more with the communities where they work, a cave researcher writes

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Plants are not conscious, whether you can 'sedate' them or not

A New York Times story is a case study in what can go wrong in translating science

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The brain treats questions about beliefs like physical threats. Can we learn to disarm it?

Street epistemologists are trying to give people 'the gift of doubt'

People ask about my experiments on mice. The answers are … complicated

Behind most breakthroughs is animal research. Let's stop pretending otherwise