I’m using genome editing to understand how plants regulate their genes in response to changing environments. I also trying to find out if we can apply this knowledge to fine-tune plant metabolism to create better crops

We need genetic engineering to stave off climate change-induced global hunger

Despite what many say, organic farming will not save us from the worst impacts of climate change

A portrait of Charles Darwin as an old man by Julia Margaret Cameron.

Evolution is elegant but not when it's in David Sloan Wilson's hands

His new book "This View of Life" tries to wedge too much into one biological point of view

Scientists just cut the tolerable intake of PFAs by 99.9%

PFAs are everywhere. In cosmetics, wrapping your greasy take-out burgers, and eventually, 98% of humans' bloodstreams. The recommended tolerable intake for PFAs was just cut by 99.9%.

James Watson and the Insidiousness of Scientific Racism

“How does it feel to be a black scientist who owes much to James Watson in general, and in my case, is linked to his specific pedigree?”

What we know, and still don't know, about the CRISPR-modified twins

Genomicist Devang Mehta cuts through the hype to lay out the facts

MIT scientists invent an ion-drive powered plane with no moving parts

This "first flight" flew the same distance as the Wright Brother's original plane

Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science

He spent decades deconstructing the ways that scientists claim their authority. Can his ideas help them regain that authority today?

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Lab-grown meat could bring about the next agricultural revolution

Cultured meat would require less land, less water and potentially produce less greenhouse gases

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The world's appetite for meat is growing. How will we satisfy it?

In the near future, "meat" could mean a lot more than it does now

Your bubble tea could hold the key to helping millions of farmers

Cassava, an African staple food crop, could be poised to become a major source of industrial starch thanks to CRISPR

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How 'Frankenstein' unfairly sways the GMO debate

The novel ushered in a concept that actively harms the Global South two centuries later

Mark Lynas on the complexity of disagreeing on GMOs

'I try to take people at face value in terms of what their objections are, and to not ascribe them with ill-intent'

The art of publicly changing your mind on GMOs

'Seeds of Science' makes a persuasive case for GM technology by a man who used to oppose it

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Why I'm quitting GMO research

Constantly confronting people who think my research will harm them is profoundly distressing

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Plants are not conscious, whether you can 'sedate' them or not

A New York Times story is a case study in what can go wrong in translating science

Simulating evolution helped scientists design a better virus

It sounds like an arcane superpower. It boils down to random mutation and selection

Scientists are recruiting live bacteria to fight deadly infections

A study in rural India is raising hopes for a future without antibiotics

The prolific life of Wang Zhenyi, autodidact, astronomer, and poet

Progressive in science and art, she disregarded sexist norms of Qing-dynasty China

The Mother's Curse: how a French king’s legacy revealed a loophole in evolution

New research with roots in colonial Canada suggests new wrinkles in ideas of evolution

This biologist believes we should embrace human gene editing

It could free millions from preventable, predetermined suffering