How a tiny pet store fish became the center of neuroscience research

The tropical zebrafish is used extensively in genetics, neuroscience, and development labs worldwide

How scientists developed the most popular anesthetic used today, without totally knowing how it works

The "milk of amnesia" is relatively new, and is predated by centuries of weak attempts at pain relief

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From Sputnik to virtual reality, the history of scicomm

Instead of yesteryear's dry and dusty lectures, science communicators are creating new and exciting ways to engage with science

Before Shark Week and Jaws, World War II spawned America's shark obsession

The experiences of some WWII veterans played a pivotal role in painting sharks as creatures to be feared

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The fossil fuel industry was built on white supremacy

White oilmen codified segregation into the oil fields, and oil towns were the scenes of brutal racist attacks

This ancient child burial is the world's oldest, dating back 80,000 years

The burial site adds to the history of humankind's symbolic commemoration of the dead

How the age of Mars rovers began

Perseverance is the fifth rover to land on the Red Planet. NASA scientists remember Mars Pathfinder’s Sojourner—the 90s experimental endeavor that started it all

Did humans ever hibernate to survive harsh winters?

Fossil evidence from Spain suggests early humans may have hibernated for up to four months at a time

Here are some of the first snowflakes ever photographed

Photographer Wilson 'Snowflake' Bentley took the first picture of a snowflake in 1885

2000-year-old shipwreck will help catch elusive neutrinos traveling from distant supernovae

Scientists say that ancient lead from the Roman ship is better suited than new metal

Why don't banana-flavored candies taste like bananas?

They do, they just taste like your great-grandfather's banana (or a pear, depending on who you ask)

Where does the word "quarantine" come from?

It came to English from Italian

"Skeleton Keys" reveals the secrets hidden inside your bones

Brian Switek's book breathes new life into our understanding of old bones

100 vignettes that will make you excited to talk about the weather

Andy Revkin and Lisa Mechaley's book tells the history of weather, from the creation of the atmosphere to today