I'm Massive's community and audience developer. During my PhD, I used stalagmites to create records of past climate that provide context for future climate change.

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These slimy underwater mats can help store carbon, but only if they can survive

Tamiko Thiel and Luisa I. Falcón are creating interactive art to help save the stromatolites

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Volcano diplomacy and the future of eruption predictions: the life of a volcanologist

NASA petrologist Kayla Iacovino on her life studying volcanoes and being a Star Trek fanatic

A chaotic week for one of the world's most powerful telescopes ends with major damage

Puerto Rico's Arecibo observatory scientists dealt with a hurricane and an asteroid before the accident

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After Hurricane Maria, an isolated community rescued itself, with help from their abuelas

Christine Nieves started a community kitchen in the spirit of apoyo mutuo, mutual aid

People across Southeast Asia are breathing in toxic particles because of large fires

New research estimates that carbon particles released from large scale Indonesian fires cause around 36,000 deaths per year

Announcing our Photon Fellows!

We're looking forward to articles by 12 new writers

Climate change is causing floods all over the world. Here's what you can do to help

People are dying in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, in Nebraska and the Dakotas. And millions more are at risk.

Did climate change cause Hurricane Florence?

Our planet's changing climate did not cause Florence to form, but it's definitely not making things any easier.

GMOs can help us adapt to climate change

Like levees and seawalls, GMOs could help us to manage climate change's impact

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The Lyme wars are upon us. We should probably read up on them

By 2050, 12 percent of the US population will likely be infected by Lyme-causing pathogen

The Moon's origins may be far different than we thought

We're still learning the basics about Earth's nearest neighbor

A scientist responds to that 'Science' Instagram essay

Online outreach helps highlight women and people of color in the field

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I crush stalagmites from protected caves. What can I do to give back?

Scientists should do more with the communities where they work, a cave researcher writes

A nuclear attack could be a lot like an asteroid strike

Nothing compares to the impact that killed the dinosaurs, but nuclear blasts are far more likely

It's time to stop excluding people with disabilities from science

You can be a great scientist without being able to carry a 50-pound backpack out of a cave