forest fire

California's wildfires are poisoning drinking water supplies

Pipes absorb a litany of chemicals from fires and firefighting, which leach into the water

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Yes, you can put a price on nature. Doing so could stop environmental destruction

Gretchen C. Daily won the "Nobel Prize for the Environment" for her work on natural capital

Forest fires are good for bee populations

Scientists identified twice as many bees at burned sites compared to unburned sites

Wildfires are both environmental catastrophes and public health problems

The Kinkade fire is sounding alarm bells that cannot be ignored – that California is failing to keep up with what we know about fire hazard and risk

A catastrophic power outage darkens California while horny spiders invade

Tarantulas, fire-inducing weather, and failing infrastructure make for a spooky October story

People across Southeast Asia are breathing in toxic particles because of large fires

New research estimates that carbon particles released from large scale Indonesian fires cause around 36,000 deaths per year

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There's a straight line from Trump's trade war with China to the destruction of the Amazon

U.S. exports of soybeans to China have dropped dramatically. Brazil is stepping up to meet Chinese demand — and burning vast areas of the Amazon along the way.

Wildfires in Canada are burning down forests of mushrooms

Fungal communities are negatively affected by the frequent, intense forest fires that climate change has brought us