global warming

Extinction risks in a rapidly warming planet depend on previous slow temperature swings

Considering "climate memory" changes the risk calculation as much as an organism's geographic range or abundance

What’s happening in Texas is climate nihilism

The disastrous blackouts are the government admitting they don't care if some people die

Elon Musk's climate change prize is empty and worthless

Those who control vast sums of money could easily fund real changes and simply choose not to

This is how climate change is reshaping the entire planet

The ocean is acidifying, Western Europe will chill, crops will fail, and that's just the start

Most people don't really understand how climate change works

How climate works, how it's being altered, and what the future can hold

Cod ears contain a long history of warming in the Atlantic Ocean

Bones in fish ears have recorded evidence of a trend that could mean trouble for fish

A version of this article originally appeared on Eos

Faraway cities are sending their heat to the Arctic's ecosystem

Even in the remote high latitudes, a new satellite study sees rising temperatures and spreading green belts around cities

A version of this article originally appeared on CBS News

Herds of migrating horses and reindeer could keep the Arctic ground frozen

Reintroducing animals to break up insulating snow patches could save permafrost layers

The iconic Colorado River carries less water, as the climate warms and winter snow disappears

New research quantifies water scarcity in the southwestern USA: expect more drought, with serious socioeconomic consequences

When winter no longer comes, what will the North look like?

Less snow and cold could negatively impact maple sugaring, skiing, and other traditions

The water supply for billions of people is drying up

The cryosphere is melting, sea levels are rising, and oceans are acidifying, says upcoming IPCC report

Meet the all-star cast of marine bacteria that can ruin your warm-weather activities

Each member of the Vibrio family is unique, but they're all likely getting more common as the oceans warm

Teenage activists are leading the fight against climate change

Baby boomers are downplaying climate change's risks, so a new generation raises their voice

longhorned tick

Self-replicating Asian longhorned ticks have arrived

Climate change is the likely culprit of this new threat to livestock (and possibly humans)

Cats are like tiny, judgmental camels

Hailing from the desert, cats sneer in the face of heatwaves