Human activity forces predators to compete with each other

Foxes, coyotes, and bobcats can normally coexist. But what happens when their hunting grounds are disrupted by humans?

The oceans contain vast mineral resources. Can the deep sea be mined without catastrophic results?

Mining agencies promise to minimize harm to ocean ecosystems. Scientists say we can't predict its full extent — or how to reverse it

Albatrosses can spy on illegal fishing in international waters

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Stopping floods, protecting lives, and saving money? Mangroves do it all for free

Mangroves save millions of lives and up to $65 billion in flood damage each year

Researchers study the economics of mangroves by looking at nighttime satellite photos

Coastlines with wide bands of mangroves are relatively well-protected from economic downturn after hurricanes

Scientists outfitted cuttlefish with 3D goggles to understand how their brains perceive depth

Humans aren't the only animals that can see in three dimensions, but not all animals perform this feat in the same way

A pile of small silver fish in the hold of a fishing vessel.

How machine learning reveals the true costs of high-seas fishing

Before now this unsustainable and unprofitable practice has been too big to measure

Where do aquarium fish come from?

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Deep-sea creatures are weirder than we ever suspected

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Environmental DNA is a less invasive way to solve long-submerged mysteries

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These weird ocean 'aliens' are basically invisible

Researchers didn't even realize they had caught one until they bumped into it.