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AI and machine learning could halve preventable errors in medicine

Researcher Suchi Saria works to bridge the gap between AI solutions and implementation in healthcare

Artificial intelligence can help diagnose skin cancer, but only on white skin

A new image-based AI tool can suggest clinical next steps for melanoma, but for darker skinned patients, equal outcomes are lacking

Can the criminal justice system's artificial intelligence ever be truly fair?

Computer programs used in 46 states incorrectly label Black defendants as “high-risk” at twice the rate as white defendants

Google has shown that they don't actually care about ethical AI

AI algorithms are racist and sexist because these biases are baked into our society. We need to fix this

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Is artificial intelligence worsening COVID-19's toll on Black Americans?

Experts are asking if biased algorithms exacerbate health disparities

Can AI predict the next big flood before it happens?

Computers are learning from past big ones to point to climate patterns of risk

Dogs' medical records are helping machine learning researchers track ticks

Text classification turns tick talk into data that even a machine can understand

Can AI help diagnose depression? It's a long shot

At the moment, machine intelligence is just as subjective as human intelligence

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Artificial intelligence isn't very intelligent and won't be any time soon

For all of the recent advances in artificial intelligence, machines still struggle with common sense

What do proteins and enzymes sound like? Now we know.

MIT researchers have created entire soundtracks from amino acid sequences with the help of artificial intelligence

Would you trust an artificially intelligent doctor?

AI is reading CT scans to more efficiently detect bone fractures in osteoporosis patients