food web

Reintroducing predators doesn't always rebalance ecosystems

The wolves of Yellowstone were a media sensation, but not every environment responds the same way

Human activity forces predators to compete with each other

Foxes, coyotes, and bobcats can normally coexist. But what happens when their hunting grounds are disrupted by humans?

Reintroducing sea otters is good for the environment and the economy, and both matter

More sea otters are detrimental to fisheries income, but economic gains in other sectors outweigh these losses

A version of this article originally appeared onĀ Science Friday

Why don't banana-flavored candies taste like bananas?

They do, they just taste like your great-grandfather's banana (or a pear, depending on who you ask)

Deep-sea currents are spreading microplastics around the globe

Microorganisms on the sea floor ingest these plastics and can disrupt entire food webs

Algae are eating microplastics. From there, they can climb up the food chain to us

Freshwater microbes can absorb components of microplastics before getting eaten by other creatures